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Second edition of dr. dobb's conference

Dr. Dobbs Journal (DDJ) features news, articles, source code, blogs, forums, video tutorials, and audio podcasts for software professionals involved in developer / programming roles. DDJ caters to the needs of software professionals by providing practical solutions to real-world problems and keeps them updated about the current trends. Although primarily a software magazine, DDJ also features several articles focused on hardware and hardware-related subjects. DDJ has been catering to strong worldwide community of Software Developers/ Programmers/ Technical Leads/ Architects etc.

After a huge success of the First Edition of Dr.Dobb’s Conference its become the conference of choice for the software professional on a mission to build better software and attracts more advanced professionals than any other event. In its first edition the conference was dedicated to highlighting the newest cutting edge technologies that shape the industry as well as presenting a relevant core curriculum of development fundamentals which attracted over 200 delegates in both cities and happy partners with expo encompassing the full spectrum of exhibitors showcasing tools, technologies and solutions critical to the software development community.

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